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This page will contain news about our web site and pointers on how to use your software and how to contact us about the news items.


4D Embroidery Basics and 4D Design Creator books available for FREE DOWNLOAD

If you are still using the 4D Embroidery Extra software or your 4D Design Creator software and you need help with your software, then thou will find this to be welcome news. You can now download my book 4D Embroidery Basics and my 4D Design Creator Basics book for FREE. These versions of my books contain all of the color graphics that I used to create the print version. These books are available for you to use and share FREE OF CHARGE. They may not be sold to anyone for any reason whatsoever.

These books are in Adobe PDF format so you will need the Adobe Free Reader to open this file. You can visit the Adobe web site at this link to download the Adobe Free Reader: Adobe Free Reader

Click here to download 4D Embroidery Basics

Click here to download 4D Design Creator Basics

All skill levels will find this book useful and no previous digitizing experience is necessary.

Tim Frost

Mr. Patience


NEW, FREE Quick Takes Video Series NOW AVAILABLE!

Beginning this month we will be posting a new type of FREE video to our Videos page. This new series of videos will highlight one tool or technique that you can use to learn more about your software. The Quick Takes© series for May covers the use of SuperDesigns and how to find and select them.

If you have any suggestions on topic for this new series of videos, please feel free to contact us on our Contact Us page.

To view and/or download any of these FREE videos, click here to visit our Videos page.


Live Online classes are BACK!

Our LIVE webinars return in August, 2016 with Premier+™ Applied Digitizing. We are presently taking enrollments for our popular Premier+™ Applied Digitizing class to be held on 4 consecutive Mondays in August, 2016. This class will be held on Monday, August 8, 15, 22, and 29 at 3 different times of the day. The morning class will run from 9:00 a.m. EDT until 11:00 a.m. EDT. The afternoon class will run from 2:00 p.m. EDT until 4:00 p.m. EDT. The evening class will run from 7:00 p.m. EDT until 9:00 p.m. EDT.

To read more about this class, click here to visit our Live Online Classes page.


Premier+™ Embroidery Basics Table of Contents now available for viewing

We have received many questions about the contents of our latest book, Premier+™ Embroidery Basics. Many people are asking if the Premier+™ Ultra version of the software is covered in this book. Premier+™ Ultra is NOT a stand alone module. Premier+™ Ultra is a LEVEL of software just as the 6D™ Professional was the highest LEVEL of its predecessor. This book covers the Premier+™ Embroidery Extra module only. You can click on this link to view the Table of Contents for this book: click here to view Table of Contents. The Premier+™ Ultra package contains 10 modules, each one of which would require a separate book of more than 180 pages to adequately cover the use and operation of each of the major modules such as Premier+™ Modify (the stitch editing module) and Premier+™ Create (the digitizing module). This would mean that such a book which would cover all of the modules contained in Premier+™ Ultra would likely be more than 1,000 pages in length and would be too costly for many people to purchase. This is why we break our books down to cover only one module at a time. We are presently working on a new book that will be titled Premier+™ Create Basics and we expect to have that book ready for sale in late Spring of 2016.


Premier+ Embroidery Basics now available worldwide

Our latest book, Premier+™ Embroidery Basics is now available for sale on this web site. We updated our shopping cart and we can now take orders from customers who wish to buy this book regardless of their shipping address. If you are a dealer and wish to purchase this book at DEALER PRICES, plese contact us via email through our Contact Form. Retail customers can visit our online store by clicking on the Books link at the top of any page on this web site.


Mr. Fox can now grace your desktop

During my Premier+ preview webinar many of you saw and sent in questions about the fox I have on my desktop. This fox is one of the many wildlife creatures that visit my bird food court. I first saw it when it and its mate were captured on my infrared game camera during the wee hours of the morning. I put out some table scraps for them and they began to visit my home in both the daylight and evening hours. They because so accustomed to seeing me outside in the yard that they did not consider me to be a threat. At first I thought that this was great but after reading some books on the subject and after consulting with some professional wildlife specialists I stopped putting out food. One day during Mr. Fox's visit, I was able to get to within about 8 feet of him as he was laying on the ground behind my pick up truck in my yard and I snapped the picture. You can download a copy of this photo clicking here

I hope that you enjoy looking at this beautiful creature as much as I do.

Tim Frost
Mr. Patience


FREE unedited Premier+ software webinar now available for viewing

Rather than delay any further the posting of a link to this webinar, I decided to post the unedited version of the webinar while I enhance the unedited version for later release. You can view the unedited version of the webinar by clicking here

Thanks again to everyone who attended the live webinar.

Tim Frost
Mr. Patience


Work-With-Me© plans changing

I had originally planned to create a new, online version of the Work-With-Me© classes. However, because my web developers received a huge contract they had to put my plans on the back burner. This, however, has not deterrred me from proceeding with this project. I will just be taking it in a new direction and that direction is one that I have wanted to take for several years.

Many of the people who took my live webinars have asked if I could make a recording of the class available for review at a later time. This was the genesis of the Work-With-Me© project. Now, since moving these classes to an online version will take some time, I decided to begin producing DVD versions of the classes.

The first Work-With-Me© DVD will be titled "6D™ Embroidery Basics" and will cover the same material that I cover in the 6 hour long live webinars. I am working on the recordings for that initial project at this time. I already have a device that can produce 3 copies of a DVD in less than 5 minutes so I am all ready with the hardware needed to produce this project on a volume basis. I still have the following tasks to complete,

  • • Create the recordings
  • • Finish my own education on authoring the DVDs
  • • Create the DVD cover and labels
  • • Determine a price for the DVD
  • • Modify my web site shopping cart to add the appropriate shipping based on the shipping address
  • • Offer the recordings for sale


I will keep everyone updated on this project as it progresses. The first noticiations will be made through my monthly newsletter and on my Facebook page.


NEW Work-With-Me© debuts with 4 new videos

We have been working on a new product that we are going to introduce on our web site in 2015. The first version of this product is available now for your viewing and, I hope, review.

The new product is called Work-With-Me© and consists of a series of short videos that will be project oriented rather than being tool oriented.

Several people asked for something that would lead them through the completion of simple projects so that they can jump right into their software and begin creating new designs immediately. After putting much thought into this process we took a new direction and created the first of what we hope will be a series of new Work-With-Me© products.

Work-With-Me© will NOT replace our very popular Train-Your-Way© instructional series. Train-Your-Way© will continue to grow and new lessons will be added all the time.

For now, the Work-With-Me© series will be FREE as we test out the process of creating and storing these courses. Many of you have asked for recordings of our live webinars that you can return to to view on a repeated basis. Work on accomplishing that goal is ongoing now and we hope to have that available as our Work-With-Me© Basics series which will have content that is very similar to our live, 6 hour webinars but without the live interface. All of this is currently in the developmental and testing phase.

In the meantime, I am asking everyone to take a few minutes to look at our first Work-With-Me© series and then take a few minutes to send in some feedback about the course using the form on our Contact Us page of our web site.

You can find this new product by visiting my newly revised Videos page by clicking here.

I hope that you find this new product to be helpful and instructional. If you have any ideas for additional project oriented classes for our Work-With-Me© product, please feel free to contact me by clicking here to use our NEW Contact Form.


How to translate your Guides to another language

I often receive email from my friends who speak, read, and write English as a second language. When I respond to these emails I use the Translation feature of Microsoft Outlook 2013 to do the translation for me both from a language other then English to English and to translate my response from English to their native language. Recently I received an email from a friend in The Netherlands and in that email she said that all of her Guides were in English only and they were hard to understand. I knew that Microsoft Word has a translation tool and I knew that it is possible to convert an Acrobat Portable Document File (PDF) from a PDF to a Microsoft Word file. I then decided to create a short video describing the process so that others can translate their Guides as well. It has been a long time since I studied French and German in high school and college to I can't really testify to the translations, but I'm guessing that they are better than having no translation at all. You can view and dowload these FREE videos at these links. I hope that you can use them and enjoy them. Remember, you must have a FULL VERSION of Adobe Acrobat and not the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to make this work. And, you must have a working copy of Microsoft Word but it may be any version from Word 97 up to and including Word 2013.

Click here to View the Guide Translation Video

Click here to Download the Guide Translation Video


NEW FREE video demonstrates how you can change the stitch order of a design to avoid jump stitches in 6D™ Embroidery Extra

When you have a full understanding of how stitch order effects a design, you can do some incredible things with an existing design. In this 11 minute video, we create a design that has a given stitch order and then change the stitch order within the different design elements so that the design stitches out without lengthy jump stitches. This video was inspired by a question submitted to me by Mary Lou. Click here to visit our FREE Videos page and watch this video.



NEW FREE preview of all courses available in our Train-Your-Way© subscription service

Many people asked about the contents of our Train-Your-Way subscription service. Everyone can now view a list of the contents of this library of lessons and view SELECTED lessons by clicking here. All of the lessons in each course are listed along with the length of each lesson. Certain lessons can be viewed even if you have not yet subscribed and those lessone are listed in blue.

6D Sketch Comprehensive Training Class debuts in our Train-Your-Way© subscription service

On February 7, 2014, we added the first 9 lessons in our new 6D Sketch Comprehensive Training Class. These lessons add 18 minutes to our library of video lessons. They cover the introduction to 6D Sketch as well as covering the User Insterface of this important module.

4 NEW FREE videos available covering the composition and creation of Cutwork Needle Lines

On January 23, 2014, we added 4 new videos having a total running time of 14.6 minutes that cover the definition of a cutwork needle line, how to prepare to add a cutwork needle line in 5D Stitch editor and 5D/6D Stitch Editor Plus, how to set the options for your cutwork needle line, and how to place the cutwork needle line. These videos were created based on repeated requests from people like you who sent me an email requesting this kind of instruction. If you have any ideas for future FREE videos, we would love to hear from you. If I receive enough requests for the same information, then the videos will appear.

Create your own video questions with this FREE software

Have you ever wanted to ask a question about your software but felt that it would be hard to put down in writing what you were doing when the problem happened? Have you ever wanted to ask a question about an embroidery design that you purchased but you knew that it would be a copyright violation to email a copy of the design to us for analysis? Well, those days are over and you can easily create your own videos and easily package and send them to use via email if you use Screencast-O-Matic.

Point your browser to and check out this wonderful product. Screencast-O-Matic is available as a FREE version with some limitations on what it will do, and a PRO version is available for only $15.00/year. The PRO version does many of the same things that I can do with my professional-level video software, Camtasia Studio.

I strongly advise everyone to give this product a try. You will find it useful not only for contacting me, but you can also use it to contact the technicians at the Vantage service if you have a membership there. As someone who provides tech support, I can tell you that a video is the GOLD STANDARD when it comes to understanding anyone's questions.