What is the Train-Your-Way© system?

Our Train-Your-Way© system is a collection of full-length courses on various embroidery software modules.  Each course is several hours long.  However, there is no need for you to sit down and devote hours of time to training.  The good news for you is that all of the instructional material in each course is broken down into easy to understand segments that last from 2-8 minutes long.  Once you subscribe to our Train-Your-Way© system, you can watch as much of any course that interests you at any time of the day or night, any day of the year as long as your subscription is active.  This method of instruction gives you several options.

How much do the Train-Your-Way© subscriptions cost?

We have several subscription plans to fit your needs and interest. They are:

7 days for $5.00 USD (United States Dollars)

33 days for $20.00 USD

95 days for $50.00 USD

395 days for $200.00 USD

What classes are available?

If you wish to see a preview of the available classes in our Train-Your-Way© system, you can click here to view the current contents of our library and to view some of the selected lessons for FREE to get an idea of what topics are covered in the various courses. This list is updated all of the time as new lessons are added to the library.

Class scheduling conflicts are no longer a problem

Because you can watch the videos when you find it convenient to do so, you need not worry about missing a class because class is in session when you have the time.  And speaking of time, if you are one of our many customers who are located outside of the United States, you will now be able to attend class at times that may better fit into your schedule rather than attending class at a very early hour in the morning or very late in the evening.

You can watch and re-watch a class as often as you wish

Do you ever wish that you could watch a lesson over again?  With our new Train-Your-Way© system you can do just that.  If you ever need a quick refresher on how to do something specific with your software, just sign into your subscriber account and return to the class and the topic you are looking for and watch it again as many times as you want.

New classes are being developed and added to our collection all the time

Because we are going online with pre-recorded classes, we are able to develop and record these classes before a new software module is released.  Then, once the new software is available to the general public, our course will appear online in our collection.  There will be no need to wait for your dealer to order a physical book and have it in stock.

How do you get access to these new classes

We prepared a short video that will demonstrate the enrollment process to our Train-Your-Way© service. You can click here to view this short video.

Whenever you are ready to make a decision to purchase a subscription to our library of classes, all you have to do is to click on the membership link and choose the plan that best suits your budget and your needs.  After supplying your credit card information, you will be asked for your email address to use as your membership ID and you will be asked to create a password to use when entering our classroom.  Now that you are a member, all you have to do is to go to any computer that is connected to the internet, visit our web site, and sign on with your membership ID and password.  So even when you are travelling, our classes are just a logon away.

Where can you get additional information about our Train-Your-Way© system?

If you have any questions about our Train-Your-Way© system or anything else on our web site, simply click here to visit our Contact page where you can submit your question to us via email.  We always answer our email within 24 hours so that you can get back to doing what you like to do best and that is to enjoy your software.